Corruption of the Insolent

@ComicsPundit:  attachment-511aa75ce4b0343281bbafd3 reports on how Dr. Fredrick Wertham fudged the facts to fit his argument that  comics caused juvenile delinquency, back in the 1950s.

Election Night Tweeting

Selections from my tweets & retweets from election day:

The Heinous Growth of Variants

Comics retailer Brian Hibbs doesn't like variant covers that have proliferated in comics over the past several decades.

I personally, as an individual with an individual opinion, have no respect whatsoever for anyone, anywhere, who charges, under any circumstances whatsoever, more than cover price for any comic that is less than 30 days old. We shouldn't shit where we eat.

Hibbs covers the history, the economics, and the ethics of variant covers in his Tilting at Windmills column.

I've never bought into variants. I'm a reader, not a collector.

But in the 90's DC Comics pulled a dick move where the Teen Titans spinoff, Team Titans #1 had five variant interiors. Each of the variants had a different cover featuring a different team member, and an 8 page story featuring that character that tied into the main story (which was the same in all variants, meaning to get the whole story, you had to buy a lot of redundant paper)

Mercifully it was a stunt that, to my knowledge, hasn't been repeated.

Hate the two-party system? Don’t complain. Change it.

Matthew Gagnon at the Bangor Daily News:

If you don’t like where the parties have gone, then involve yourself in one. You may find that you end up with the ability to change the party and no longer end up with candidates you revile.

Comics & Politics intersect at the LPME Con

One cool part of the Libertarian Party of Maine convention, was the fact the Saco Ramada was giving out this comic to people staying there. The premise of the comic is the Avengers use Tony Stark’s rewards points from Wyndham to stay at hotels across the country in preparation to fight various copies of the evil robot Ultron.

It is kinda cheesy. But hey, it was a free comic, and since I’ll be busy at the National Libertarian Party Convention when Free Comic Book Day rolls around, this will have to make up for it.