Libertarian National Convention 2008 – Denver: Let the Blogging and Twittering BEGIN!!!

Right now I’m taking advantage of the free wi-fi in the Denver Airport after claiming my bags.

Don’t know what the wi-fi access at the hotel will be like as hotel Internet access is often rather poor (or expensive, or both). But I’ll be posting as I can. Keep looking here and at my twitter feed (link over in the About Me section to the left).

I have my gripes about the travel. The TSA inspector pointing at my gut and asking what I was carrying in there was especially embarrassing (the smart-alec comeback that would have kept me from boarding my flight would have been to say I was 6 months pregnant, and it was a boy.) The fact that I had to catch a bus at Logan Airport to make my connection, and (Ugh) GO THROUGH SECURITY ALL OVER AGAIN.

And apparently the next leg of my travels is a doozy. The Denver airport seems to be way out in the middle of nowhere. Coming in for a landing, there was no evidence of anything remotely urban outside my window save for the airport itself. For all I know I may actually be in Wyoming.

Yesterday I got the latest in a series of phone calls about the convention. This time it was a poll taker. Various campaigns have called asking who I was supporting, and if I would consider their candidate for the presidential nomination. (Three candidates even called personally.) But this time it was poll paid for by… who knows?

The interesting thing about this poll (aside from the glaring omission of George Phillies) is the inclusion of… Tucker Carlson??? WTF?

What, did Tucker run out of cable news channels to work for? Personally, I suspect that the poll is to determine the viability of a Tucker campaign.

I have to renew my prior analysis that Tucker is channelling Hunter Thompson. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro, indeed.