Libertarian National Convention: Pregame: Radicals for Barr?

At Third Party Watch, Gene Trosper gives a case for why a radical Libertarian should support Bob Barr for the LP’s presidential nomination.

Although Bob Barr doesn’t represent libertarianism at it’s most hardcore level, his campaign promises a more libertarian America. Before we can regain those liberties in the political arena, we have to be able to enter that arena. Bob Barr is a candidate who can get the “foot in the door” for libertarians. He’s media savvy, is well known, and credible. Just as important, he will speak to those in his former party who are disaffected by McCain.


I respond in the comments:

Thanks Gene for this article.


Though hardly a radical Libertarian myself, I still have been trying to wrap my mind around a Barr candidacy, as I’m uncertain about how I’ll be voting at the convention. Hearing from a self proclaimed radical in this manner has been helpful.

At the very least, it was reassuring to hear from someone acting maturely about differences within the party. The doomsayers on all the various sides seem to get a disproportionate amount of attention.

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