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John “Bynkii” Welch: R.I.P. Steve

From John’s Blog When I was at that 9-10 stage, I was just discovering that my dreams of being Chuck Yeager were done. Hereditary myopia killed them, and I was as broken-hearted as a kid that age can be. It was profound, what that had done to me, and for a while, “what do you […]

Steve Jobs, Pixar, and a Comic Biography

The Beat reminds us that Apple wasn’t Jobs’ only great achievement: Jobs was, of course, the man who created Pixar and made it the most creative animation studio of its age. Vision. and this fact which I missed: A comic biography of Jobs’s earlier years is being published digitally

Kamal Jain on Steve Jobs

I’m not an Apple fan boy by any stretch of the imagination, but Steve Jobs did more for the US economy in the past 25 years than all our nation’s elected officials have ever done in the history of America, combined. from Jain’s Facebook page