Oscar Tweeting Highlights

  • Cirque du Soleil in a tribute to going to the movies? Funny, its more like going to about 50% of Vegas’ shows. #oscars
  • Cripes, could they cut the technical awards presentation any shorter? #oscars
  • Short doc award winner thanking HBO. Ah my pet peeve, documentaries filmed for TV. This is the #oscars not the #emmys
  • The lifetime achievement awards used to each get an extended acceptance speech on the telecast. Now they just wave. #oscars #ScrewCirque
  • I know that they used to joke about how the #oscars always went long. But cutting out so much from the show is wrong.
  • “No Animals Were Harmed”® Wait… that’s a trademark? #oscars #credits (I stay through credits at movies I’ll do it for oscars)