Culture War Profiteer exposed

In case you are wondering what I meant by “culture war profiteer,” in the previous post, I refer you to Todd Seavy at Splice Today

The anarchist law professor Butler Shaffer, a friend of mine, quietly takes the very radical yet reasonable view that most institutions, no matter what their initial purpose was (stopping online harassers, spreading the word about Jesus, what have you) end up, through a simple evolutionary filtering process, having the same de facto mission in the end: self-perpetuation. Think about that for a few minutes and then become very skeptical if you werenโ€™t already.

That tendency toward the self-serving is worth keeping in mind the next time you find yourself asking, as decent, naรฏve folk naturally do, why on Earth would campus anti-racism activists secretly scrawl racist graffiti? Why would a leftist gay person fake receiving an anti-gay cake? Darwin used to be popular on the left before the feminists took a dislike to him, and he knew the name of the game is usually self-preservation. Adaptive camouflage is just one tactic.

The article is primarily about a feminist posing as an anti-feminist online to gain sympathy and support for herself, and to hurt her rival feminists.

Bonus points for the post’s sub-heading, “SHIELD is Hydra. Hydra is SHIELD.”