OM’s own blog rebirth, and the personal platform.

Om Malik is also redesigning his blog… and reinvesting in the medium of blogging:

The redesign is not just visual. Instead, it reflects my desire to rekindle my love for the only form of writing that makes sense to me: blogging. …

… it allows me to fully capture what is going on in my mind (which, as you may have noticed, can be very random).

Much of what constituted blogging in the early days has now become commonplace on the social web. However, what has not been replicated is the ability to create a map of one’s thoughts. Social feeds spread those thoughts in the proverbial wind. A blog gives you a window into one’s thinking as it evolves.

The rebirth of ComicsPundit is not so much about journaling the evolution of my thoughts, but more about collecting those thoughts into one common platform that I control, that isn’t buried in tons of other noise, or liable to disappear from the internet without a trace. Though I’m sure there will be some introspection into changes to my thinking as time goes on, and especially as I repost items from the past two plus decades.

Using Twitter to share thoughts and ideas, and listen to others will still be part of my online life. But if I have something to add to the conversation, I’ll be making sure it comes back to this site or originates here.

Social media is too ephemeral: here today, gone tomorrow. It is a means of distributing those thoughts to a broader audience, but