Pardon the reboot… Rebirth? is undergoing a "Rebirth" aka Under Construction

Since I started having a personal blog, It was an annual or biennial thing to undergo a whole redesign of the website, often changing platforms in the process.

Usually this resulted in me doing more design work than writing.

But, for about a half a decade or more I’d been steady in holding to one design and platform

I still didn’t get much writing in, as evidenced by the last post being two years ago!!!

Now much of that is due to spending more time with twitter than anything. But for a variety of reasons, I want to use the blog more, and the previous system made it more difficult than I’d like.

So I’ve once again returned to a self-hosted WordPress site, and I’m tweaking a theme to make the design uniquely my own. There are several reasons for this choice. Some are practical. Some are philosophical. I’ll explain them here and there as I get to each topic.

And that “I’ll get to it in another post” idea is one of the things I’m trying to do here, keep things short so I can just post more efficiently and not worry about covering everything at once before being ready to “go to press”.

(classical reference in logo)