Shawn Levasseur for LNC – Region 8

I’m currently running to be the Region 8 (New England, New York, New Jersey) representative to the Libertarian National Committee. So, if you’ve arrived here looking for more information about me and my history with the party, I’ll direct you to the post immediately below, which contains much of that history, as it was my application to be on the Rules & Bylaws Committee for this year’s convention.

Items of interest since that application has been filled out:

I did get on the Rules & Bylaws committee, as an alternate, and have been attending all meetings of the committee so far.

In March, I cashed in a long-standing ’round-tuit and became a life member of the Libertarian Party. It was earmarked to support the CRM project, especially as moving it along helps the LPME move away from our commercial CRM provider, saving the party over a thousand dollars a year, effectively making my donation a self-matching one.

We have already had our caucus via Zoom on Saturday May 30th, where I was nominated and I gave a speech along with all the other nominees.

I was rudely interrupted early in my speech by a landline phone with no mute switch on the ringer. My apologies to the robocaller who I picked up and hung up on. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Video of that Zoom meeting will be going up on the Libertarian Party’s YouTube Page shortly.

Ballots have gone out to all Region 8 delegates, and have 48 hours to reply, (to around 2pm on Monday, June 1st). Once the winner is determined, voting for the alternate representative will be opened. If I do not win, I have asked that I also be considered for the alternate region representative.

Thanks to everyone for considering me to be you representative on the LNC.