My “Trek Across Maine” for Lung Health

The challenge: 120 miles cycling, $500 raised, and 50 blog posts in two months.

This weekend, I signed up for the American Lung Association’s “Trek Across Maine”, one of their many cycling rides collectively known as “Cycle for Air”

But with COVID-19, this is not a normal event, but a virtual ride from now until June 30th, where riders set a milage goal to meet over the course of that time of either 60, 120, or 180 miles cycling. Given the timespan, and a desire to get more regular exercise in, I’m going for the middle goal.

More importantly, is my goal to raise $500 for the American Lung Association. I have several personal reasons to raise money for this, each of my parents died due to a variety of lung conditions, a long time family friend recently had to undergo a lung transplant (successfully, knock on wood), and I myself am a fat wheezing tub of goo who really needs to get in shape to improve to where taking a single flight of stairs isn’t an act that leaves me breathing heavily for five minutes afterwards.

And finally, I’m adding my own personal added twist to all of this, blogging about it all to kick start a writing habit.

I’ll be writing about my progress towards the cycling and fundraising goals, tales about how I came to this challenge, why and how I chose a recumbent tricycle as my preferred exercise equipment, and other related topics.

To help me reach my fundraising goal for the American Lung Association, go to my fundraising page at