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An open letter to the Libertarian National Committee

There’s an ongoing crisis in the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire. I will not explain it here. If you know, you know. If you don’t and you care to know, it’s not that hard to find the details. As I’m from Maine, the LPNH’s business is theirs, although I do have friends who I believe […]

My “Trek Across Maine” for Lung Health

The challenge: 120 miles cycling, $500 raised, and 50 blog posts in two months. This weekend, I signed up for the American Lung Association’s “Trek Across Maine”, one of their many cycling rides collectively known as “Cycle for Air” But with COVID-19, this is not a normal event, but a virtual ride from now until […]

Biden’s VP Dilemma

Over at Knappster, Thomas Knapp and his brother muse on the prospects of who Joe Biden would pick as his Vice-Presidential running mate (presuming that he is the nominee for the democrats. There’s been some chatter about her running for president, but that seems unlikely. We’ve already seen what happens to former first ladies who get […]

Supreme Court term limits?

I forget how I came across it, but I was recently engrossed in [this article about term limits for the Supreme Court, “A Better System for Appointing Justices to the U.S. Supreme Court” by Andrew Johnson.][1]


I have some detailed thoughts on it,

Student IDs and security

Recently, Dave Mark at The Loop commented on the news that many colleges would be enabling digital student IDs on Apple Wallet on iPhones and Apple Watches: As recently as a few years ago, a large number of colleges used a student’s social security number as their student ID and, even worse, printed those numbers […]