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Cult vs Cult

One cult: You are not allowed to criticize dear leader. Other cult: Criticism of him does not count unless you join our cult. @AG_Conservative on Twitter on Jan 2, 2019

ComicsPundit Rebirth: The Fonts

For many years I’ve taken advantage of web fonts to help make ComicsPundit a unique experience. Long before TypeKit or other similar services came around to allow individuals to tap into their servers to host webfonts, I sought to host fonts on my own server. But one cannot legally take a font off your desktop ComicsPundit Rebirth: The Fonts

Quote of the Day

… from Scott Shackford at Reason Magazine So what I would recommend to anybody calling for an alliance between libertarians and the left (regardless of whichever side is making the call) is not look at Trump as some particularly remarkably bad outlier and anomaly (though he is certainly giving every sign he’s going to be Quote of the Day

Quote of the day:

…from Glenn Reynolds: …normally when one has lost the Executive and Legislative branches to the other party is not the time to call for government censorship of political speech on vague and mutable grounds. Democrats have been advocating more and more power to government without giving thought to how that power would be used in Quote of the day:

Ketchup and the Two-Party Problem

A defense of third-party politics.

Seth Godin wrote about third parties in a blog post “Ketchup and the third-party problem“. He says that those of us supporting third parties or their candidates are doomed to failure, and miss our chance to really influence the political field.

Needless to say, I find the arguement lacking, and merely a more passive aggressive method of saying that we should all vote for Hillary because otherwise we’ll be doomed with Trump. I’ve snarked about it on Twitter. But I feel this deserves a bit more detailed of a rebuttal.

The new Ghostbusters: I liked it so much…

…that I wrote over fifteen hundred words about theories about wether it was really a reboot or not.

Click through to read it, but bewarned there are SPOILERS!!! 

But also NO POLITICS!!! (You’re welcome, though I may get into that in a later post)

Click through only if you’ve seen the movie.