Shawn Levasseur for Knox County Budget Committee

District 3 - Rockland

Vote on November 8th

Photo by Carl Caverly

Photo by Carl Caverly

Who I am and how I came to be on the budget committee

I'm Shawn Levasseur, resident of Rockland since 1990, and resident of Knox County since I was a toddler. I work at my family's electrical assembly business in Rockland, Electrotech.

I've been a long time political activist in the Libertarian Party of Maine, served several posts in party leadership, including state chair, and am currently serving as it's treasurer. This activism has led me to run for the state legislature several times: 1998, 2000, and more recently, in the special election in 2015.

In 2013, I discovered that Rockland's two seats for the county budget committee were open. In fact, no one had run for the seats on the committee in 2012. I then went to the Rockland City Council asking to be appointed to the committee, which they did, by unanimous vote.

I am about to begin my fourth and final budget cycle of my term in office, and the Rockland seats are once again up for election, and I am asking for your vote to return me to the committee for another four year term.

Photo by Doug Kerr  Used under a Creative Commons license

Photo by Doug Kerr 

Used under a Creative Commons license