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My candidacy for the Libertarian Party’s Rules & Bylaws Committee

The Libertarian National Committee is currently taking applications for a variety of committees relating to the 2020 national convention. The Platform Committee, the Credentials Committee, and the one I’m applying for, the Rules & Bylaws committee. The LNC will be choosing 10 party members to serve on the committee, and no more than 5 can […]

Ketchup and the Two-Party Problem

A defense of third-party politics.

Seth Godin wrote about third parties in a blog post “Ketchup and the third-party problem“. He says that those of us supporting third parties or their candidates are doomed to failure, and miss our chance to really influence the political field.

Needless to say, I find the arguement lacking, and merely a more passive aggressive method of saying that we should all vote for Hillary because otherwise we’ll be doomed with Trump. I’ve snarked about it on Twitter. But I feel this deserves a bit more detailed of a rebuttal.

Internal LP Politics: HUH?

Third Party Watch: A Denver Accord for the Libertarian Party?: What has been unfair is an imbalance that treats the Dallas Accord as one-sided, obligating only anarchists not to discuss courts, police, and national defense, but leaving minarchists free to speak their mind and to openly campaign in favor of government-based services. Funny, I’ve been […]